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Backstage Inside Job: Interview with Theatrical Press Agent Emily Owens

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“Emily’s reputation for working with ambitious new work is why I pay attention to her press releases.” Jason Zinoman, Drama Critic at The New York Times

“Your passion as a publicist (and one that actively supports NEW works of theatre) is really inspiring. Thank you for coming aboard this crazy ride!”  Kelly Anne Burns, producer of The Navigator at WorkShop Theater Company

"Emily’s work is top of the line, just stay out of her way and let her work her magic and the results speak for themselves. Whether she is working on a festival, a season, a single show or an event the results are consistently great, the attitude is always professional and the peace of mind that comes from knowing the job is being done is priceless."  Erez Ziv, Managing Director of Horse Trade Theater Group

“You are so amazingly professional, so easy to deal with, so wonderful at following up, so good at always putting me at ease. You've championed my site more than anyone I know, put me in touch with some of my most favorite people and given me a community of artists who know me better because of the opportunities you have brought my way. ” Karen Tortora-Lee, Editor of The Happiest Medium

"Thank you so much for the outstanding job you did promoting the festival. You are quite simply the best I have ever worked with. You did so much to make this years festival a great success." Paul Bargetto, Director & curator of the undergroundzero festival 

“Your reputation is like a legend or folk tale about a brilliant PR person. You are raved about far and wide in theatre circles.”  Larry Kunofsky, Playwright & Artistic Director of Purple Rep

“I've been dead-set against a press person for ten years, and it seems I'm a FOOL. Thank you so much for everything!”  Sean Williams, Gideon Productions 

“You are amazing for making me, and everyone else in this festival, feel like our stories are important. The amount of coverage, of interest and articles that you have managed to procure for us is A-MAZING! Thank you so much for doing a beautiful job!”  Tania Katan, Saving Tania’s Privates, FRIGID Festival

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